Peg Loom Rug

Peg Loom Rugs – Made in Cornwall

These beautiful rugs are made in Cornwall using 100% pure new undyed wool from local herds.  Wool is known as the miracle fibre it warms, it heals, it cools and it is one of the softest fibres you will ever touch. These rugs are made using a Peg loom, this form of weaving is an ancient idea which popularity lies in its sheer simplicity of use. A strong warp thread is needed but the weft can be made from any sort of yarn or other material including plastic bags for a waterproof effect. You simply warp up your loom and then weave the weft in and out removing the weave from the pegs as they fill up. It’s a very enjoyable form of weaving and very therapeutic.


Eco Friendly Indoor / Outdoor Area Rugs

These eco-friendly indoor / outdoor plastic area rugs are made of recycled polypropylene plastic with a focus on keeping our environment green, healthy and sustainable. They are extra tough due to their unique composition, perfect for high traffic areas of the home and waterproof so any spills can simply be wiped off.

Not only are they great for the indoors they are perfect as outdoor rugs too as they won’t fade in the sun. Their vibrant colours and beautiful designs are very popular making them a fantastic outdoor accessory for camping, picnics or long sunny days spent at the beach. Image Credit: Catherine Gratwick, Cornwall Living.